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The swimming complex at Aulani consists of three main pools (one of which was an adult-only pool), two slides, a lazy river, three all-access hot tubs, one adults-only two-tiered hot tub, a children’s mini splash park structure with slides, a toddler’s splash zone, and the beach.  There’s also a pool full of fish you can snorkel with for an extra fee.  While pool opening and closing hours vary seasonally, many of the swimming pools start opening at 8AM, with all of them fully opened by 9AM.  For closing, the last pool is typically shut down by 8PM.

Aulani claims that all swimming pools are heated to between 82 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but on breezy days, the pools feel much colder.  Hot tubs/spas are between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  The tropical fish lagoon, Rainbow Reef, is kept around 77 degrees Fahrenheit for the safety of the fish.

To swim, you must have a wristband.  To get a wristband, go to the kiosk over by the Menehune Bridge splash area, or the kiosk by the Ka Maka Grotto pool.  Between 8-9AM, the Ka Mama Grotto kiosk is only open to DVC members.  You will need to show your room key and the cast members there will put bands on you and give you any towels you may need.  They will also provide floatation devices for free should you need one.  

Finding chairs around the pools can be a challenge.  Many people come down early and claim chairs.  When it’s busy, cast members will take your towels, fold them, and lay them neatly over the back of the chair.  If the towel isn’t taken down within an hour, the cast members will take your belongings and store them.  This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen, so if you see your towel has been folded and draped, pull it down.

Ka Maka Grotto 8AM-8PM

A staircase-entry infinity-edge pool overlooking the ocean with a stunning grotto containing a hot tub on one side. Put your head underwater and listen closely and you may hear whales singing.  Ka Maka Grotto is a popular place to watch the sunset. The estimated depth here is about 4′.

Keiki Cove Splash Zone 8AM-5PM

While there’s no age limit here, this is designed with your littlest ones in mind.  The Splash Zone is a slight slope down to just a few inches deep and has fountains in which toddlers love to play.  The area has a number of chairs and a few tables nearby where parents can relax and keep an eye on their children.

Menehune Bridge 9AM-5PM, < 48″

Exclusively for children under 48 inches, Menehune Bridge is a playful water park structure.  Water is dumping and splashing everywhere.  The water tops out at 6 inches deep.  A canoe on top of the structure fills with water and dumps it all out ever 6 minutes.

Waikolohe Pool 8AM-8PM 

This is the main pool of the resort: zero-entry, 8,200 sq.ft., and topping out at roughly 4 feet in depth.   There’s a long tube water slide entering the pool at one end.  Inside the peninsula is a hot tub which is heavily used on cooler days.  Close by, towards the beach, there are two adults-only hot tubs with stunning ocean views.

Waikolohe Stream 8AM-6PM

A lazy river winding around the resort.  Depth changes throughout, topping out at 4′.  Keep an eye out for marine animals carved into the rocks.  A tube slide ride is a fun entrance to the stream.

Waikolohe Stream

Wailana Pool 8AM-8PM > 18yo

While typically limited to guest age 18 and older, this pool is currently open to guests of all ages.

A 1,500 square foot pool, limited to those 18 year old and older, located near the spa, Ulu Cafe, and Wailana Bar and Coffee Stand.

Hot Tubs 8AM-8PM

There are five beautifully themed hot tubs around the resort, two of which are limited to guests age 18 and older and have a stunning view of the ocean.  

Rainbow Reef  10AM-3PM (hours change seasonally), $20-$45

A saltwater pool filled with a variety of fish and coral.  The only way to swim here is to pay for a premium experience.  Offerings included snorkeling, supplied air swim, and scuba lessons. 


The Beach

In addition to the pools, Aulani also features a protected man-made lagoon.  Sheltered from the waves, the water is calm and ideal for children, though it will get deep as you go further out. There are no lifeguards patrolling the beach, so take appropriate precautions.