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Wailana Pool

Originally limited to to those 18 years old and older, this 1,500 square foot pool is open to all ages.  It is sandwiched between Laniwai Spa, Ulu Cafe, and Wailana Bar and Coffee Stand.  Wailana pool and surrounding area was imagineered to be a calm and serene, separate from the chaos in the main pool.  While it is open to all, it is relatively calmer than Waikolohe Pool. 

The pool features a rock wall on one side of the pool with little waterfalls spaced along it.  There’s a bench in the water along the wall and it’s very relaxing to sit and listen to the running water.  There’s a good bit of seating and often one of the last places to fill up on the property. 

There are a few cabanas all the way in the back for those who really want quiet and privacy.  Surprisingly, there is no hot tub nearby.  The closest hot tub is at Ka Maka Grotto pool.  The adults-only hot tub is over by Waikolohe Pool, and overlooks the ocean.

Wailana Pool