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Little ‘Opihi’s – Beachside Kiosk

Little Opihi’s is a cute lava-rock kiosk located down by the beach, this is the only place to grab something to eat or drink without coming back up to the pool area.  Open from 11:00AM to 5:00PM.

When you go to the beach, there’s a locking gate that requires your room key in order to unlock to let you back in.  In practice, this gate is rarely locked during the day, but you should still keep your room key with you just in case.

You can order here and take your items to a beach chair to consume, or order from your beach chair from one of the cast members.

The current menu is fairly small.  While they used to offer sandwiches and sushi (shown on the menu in the picture above), the current options are limited to snacks and beverages (shown below).  Beer is sold in bottles and cans only, there is nothing on draft.  Sometimes they have specials, which will be shown in picture frames sitting on the counter top.