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 Pau Hana Room

Pau Hana Room

This hidden away room is the place to start the menehune adventure trail, pick up some coloring pages, or join in on one of the many activities, both free and paid.



Coloring pages

In the drawers underneath the counter displaying the movies are coloring pages.  The cast members have told us we don’t need to ask, so just go ahead and grab a few for your children.  There are three drawers, so be sure to check them all.  The themes of the pages change, so if your stay spans a few days, consider checking back.

If there isn’t any upcoming activity that they need the tables for, they frequently have coloring pens, pencils, and crayons out on the tables for you to use.


Menehune Adventure Trail and Menehune Mana’o Hunt

The front desk is where you go to start either of these two adventures.  For the Menehune Adventure Trail, you check out an iPad like device that introduces you to “Aunty” who guides you around the resort where you request help from the Menehunes who live in the area.  The Menehunes make magic happen before your eyes.  Go to our page about this to learn more.

The Menehune Mana’o hunt is a photo scavenger hunt.  You get a list of pictures you need to take.  Once you’ve completed the hunt, you take your photos to the DVC Preview Center for a small prize (the supplies to make a kukui nut charm).




There are a number of activities that take place here, some free, some paid, but all need reservations.  To sign up, go to the desk at the Pau Hana Room and they’ll take care of it.  Activities do tend to fill up and have waiting lists, so don’t delay.  To find out about which activities are being offered on a given day, look at the Daily `Iwa, the schedule of activities that Disney puts out each morning.