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Waikolohe Stream (lazy river)

A lazy river winding around the resort. The stream floats you along a beautifully themed path dotted with surprises.  Keep an eye out for marine animals carved into the rocks. 

Depth changes throughout, topping out at 4′.  Hours change seasonally, typically the hours are from 8am to 6pm. While Aulani lets you swim your way around the river, most swimmers opt for using the single and double inner tubes.

There are 5 entrances, but the main ones are the zero-entry area near Menehune Bridge and Tubestone Curl.  Tubestone Curl is an open-air tube slide that empties into the Waikolohe Stream.  You can grab a tube that carries either one or two people.  Make sure to grab a tube before walking up the stairs to the tube.  The line for this ride is on the right side of the staircase.

With Menehune Bridge being close by, the chairs by the zero-entry are popular for families with little ones.  To get to the closest hot tub from the river, get out at the base of the slide or at the zero-entry exit and go up the stairs between these exits and turn left just before the bridge that crosses the river.  You can catch a glimpse of the hot tub looking towards the river at the zero entry area.

Waikolohe Stream
Waikolohe Stream