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Menehune Adventure Trail

Menehune Adventure

An interactive game played on a tablet that guides you around the resort.  The game is hosted by “Aunty” who sends you to different locations where the Menehunes help you and others out with some magic.  If you’ve ever played the “Kim Possible” or “Phineas and Ferb” game at WDW Epcot, it’s the same idea.  You do certain actions that trigger things to happen around you.

Getting started

To play, go to the Pau Hana room, approach the desk, and tell the cast member you would like to do the Menehune Adventure trail.  They will ask you if you have played before and then for your room key which they will use to check out an iPad-like device to you.  If you have played before during the same stay, they can retrieve your game from where you left off so you don’t repeat anything.

Sometimes they will ask you if you want to play inside or outside.  The inside trail has about 6 or 7 stations, the outside trail has dozens.  There are times where one trail gets overloaded, so there’s only one option, but usually you can request one or the other.

Playing the game

When the game first starts, there’s some music and then “Aunty” appears on video phone from her general store.  The pattern is that a family member or friend will call and ask her for advice or just to “talk story.”  A problem will be presented that Aunty thinks the Menehune in the garden (where you are) may be willing to lend their magic to help out.   With that, you start your adventure.

The game is a lot of fun.  The experiences are different if you play during the day or night.  A few of the events really can only be seen when it’s dark, but the majority are good in any light.

Along the way, fires will roar, geckos will dance, whales will spout, and the Menehune will make their presence known in surprising ways.