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Ka Maka Grotto

A stunning infinity pool with an attached hot tub tucked into a cozy grotto that is artfully lit up at night.  If you go under the pool’s surface, you may hear a mischievous menehune giggling or the calls of passing whales. 

The pool’s infinity edge overlooks the beach and has a perfect view of the sunset.  The hot tub has no view of the sunset, but you can walk over to the adults-only hot tub to watch from there.  There are two sets of stairs to enter, one at each end, and the deepest this pool gets is 4′.   

Seating around this pool is popular as it has a great ocean view, has both a pool and a hot tub, is close to counter service dining, and one of the two kiosks from which you can get your wristbands and towels is right here.   This has the side effect of this pool and hot tub getting really crowded.

Ka Maka Grotto Full Grotto Empty
Ka Maka Grotto Pool Far
Ka Maka Grotto Full Grotto Empty
Ka Maka Grotto Hot Tub Entrance Empty