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Menehune Bridge

Exclusively for children under 48 inches, Menehune Bridge is a fun water park structure with a maximum depth of 6 inches.  Water is dumping, spraying, and splashing everywhere

A canoe on the top of the structure fills with water and dumps it all out every 6 minutes.  Listen for the conch shell blowing, it’s the warning sound the dump is about to happen.  Make sure your really little ones aren’t right below it as it can be scary for them if they aren’t ready for it, not to mention all the other kids come running to get dumped on.

The pool part is friendly to almost any age, but the structure is ideal for slightly older children.  Toddlers will have a great time splashing in the shallow water but the structure may be too much for some as parents aren’t allowed on it at all (the enforcement of this is sometimes lacking) and it has quite a few stairs with water pouring down them.  Cast member supervision is spotty. 

There are three stair cases and two slides.  It’s a lot of fun for children in the right age/height range, but it can be rather stressful for parents trying to keep their kids in sight.

This is one of the last places for pool seats to fill up.  These are also some of the closest chairs to the Waianae Tower room elevators, so consider throwing some of your things on a chair or two here when you first come out, and then go hunt for a better location, coming back to grab your things if you are successful. 

If you do decide to make this your home base while at the pools, watch out on windy days as you may find the spraying water being blown on to you and your things.  Also be aware the back row of chairs under the trees tend to get a good bit of bird poo on them.