Aloha Aulani

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Transportation around Oahu

  • Hawai'i has excellent bus service, but it will take you a long, long time to get anywhere.  
  • Uber, Lyft, or Taxis.  Decent if you just want a quick run to a nearby location, but the resort is pretty far from most of the island's sights, so this will rack up the expenses fast.
  • A rental car.  We recommend this option if you intend to do any sight seeing beyond the resort.  You can rent a car at the airport, but if you just want a car for a single day here and there, Aulani also has a rental desk for Alamo.  The rental desk is located in the conference center.  Go to the Alamo website and type in "Kapolei" for the city and it will show you a list of locations, one of which is "Kapolei Disney Aulani Resort."
  • Alternatively, there's Discount Hawai'i Car Rental or Drive Hui.
  • For transportation around Ko'olina, there was the free Holo Ka'a resort shuttle.  Unfortunately, this went away during COVID-19 and hasn't returned.
  • Some have had success with renting cars from locals via turo.  As a bonus, some of the car owners add in extra services, like golf club or boogie board rentals.
  • Consider taking a tour that includes transportation. offers tours starting at 4 hours for $240 and goes up from there in time and expense.  Or something like where a local will pick you up in their car and take you on a tour customized to your preferences.  Each guide charges differently, so I can't quote prices, but expect to pay northwards of $500 for a half day.

Transportation between the airport (HNL) and Aulani

Aulani doesn't offer a free airport service like they do at WDW so you will need to arrange transportation. 

  • Hawai'i has excellent bus service, but it will take you a long time to get anywhere. 
  • Uber or Lyft
  •  When we priced it out, it cost $25 per person age 3 and up and $10 for each child 2 and under.  Prices are each way plus tax and tip.  Until the end of 2023 Disney Vacation Club or Marriott Vacation Club members get a free return trip back to the airport with the purchase of an arrival trip from the airport for up to 4 passengers.  There's an orchid lei service for $15/pp.  The shuttle can be booked either online or by calling 866-443-4763 between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM PST. 
  •  As of Dec. 2023, it cost $28.6 per person each way plus tax and tip, for a shared shuttle.  The price includes 2 bags per person, there's an $9.68 charge for each additional bag. For a private shuttle, it goes up to $228.80 per vehicle (not per person) which can hold up to 11 passengers.  A limousine is $216 per vehicle.  Car seat rental is $5.50.  Certain equipment cause extra charges: bikes are $18.14, golf bags are $12.10, and surfboards are $16.50.  You can opt to be greeted with a lei starting at $18/pp.  Reservations can be made online or by calling 877-242-5777.   
  • Offering private airport shuttles and tours, they charge $75 each way between HNL and Aulani 1-3 people (including infants), going up to $85 for 4 people, and $95 for 5 people. Tack on an additional $10 if your ride will occur during rush hour or late at night (check their site for times). Prices are per ride, not per person. You can rent car seats for $10 each, booster seats go for $5 each.
  • Offering private shuttles and tours, they charge $63 each way between HNL and Aulani for 1-3 people and the price increases $7.00 per person after that.  Car seats and booster seats are available for no extra charge.  One thing I like about this company is their website clearly lists out their prices for transportation between many destinations/areas on the island, which really helps with figuring out your best transportation options.
  • Offering private shuttles and tours, they charge $70 each way between HNL and Aulani for 1-4 people with an additional $15 per person after that, up to a maximum of 10 people.  There are extra fees for early or late pick up, as well as transport during rush hours.  See website for details.  Car seats are available to rent at $10 each.
  • $90, including tax, each way for up to 5 people (and 5 suitcases) in a "stretch limo/Mercedes or black SUV." You can get a lei add-on for $10 per lei.  Car seats or booster seats can be requested and are free of charge.
  • Taxi.  Last we checked (early 2021), it was about $55 each way.
  • A rental car.  We recommend this option if you intend to do any sight seeing beyond the resort.


If you are staying on DVC points or on an RCI inbound reservation, parking is free for up to two vehicles.  If you are a DVC member, but are staying on a cash rate booked through member services or the site, you also get free parking, but will need to show your DVC member card and personal ID upon check-in.  If you booked through any means other than Member Services or, or if you are not a DVC member or RCI inbound guest, parking is $40 per car, per day.   

Day visitors can do self-parking at a rate of $15 for the first hour and $5 for every half hour after that up to $40.  The first 30 minutes are free.  You can get free validated parking for 2.5 hours if you spend $50 or more on one single receipt at Makahiki, The Olelo Room (between 5 and 11pm), or Off the Hook (between 5 and 9pm).  Alternatively, you can get 4 hours of parking for free for spending at least $50 at KA WA'A (the luau), 'Ama'Ama ,or the Laniwai spa.  Merchandise locations, like Kalepa's and Hale Manu, do offer free parking, but only up to one hour.  Again, make sure it's all on a single receipt as receipts cannot be combined to form a larger total.  To get your parking ticket validated, take the ticket and receipt to 'Ama'Ama, Makahiki, or Laniwai Spa.

You can valet park or self park, the price is the same. The parking garage is fairly large, we've never had an issue getting parking, although some of the stalls are outdoors.  There are quite a few electric vehicle stalls should you have an EV.  EV charging, provided by chargepoint, is free in the parking structure.

When leaving the structure, we recommend driving down to the bottom of the structure.  There's an exit there that takes you out to a side street.  The advantage of doing this is that the side street goes to an intersection which allows you to turn right or left.  If you go out the way you came in, you are only allowed to turn right and will have to make a U-turn further up the road if you wanted to go the other way.