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Off The Hook and Poolside Dining

Off The hook is a casual, open-air, no-reservations, table service restaurant serving the exact same menu as pool-side dining.  The bar and restaurant typically open around 11AM, although hours vary.  Eating here will not get you validated parking like `Ama Ama and Makahiki.  There’s a full bar with some bar seating as well as covered and patio table seating.  There are other tables scattered around all the pool areas where you can get table service and order from the same menu as here, and you can always order from your pool chair.

This is pretty much the only table service place at the resort you can go to when you are still in your swim clothes.  Eating here while still dripping wet is not a problem.

Sometimes someone in your group wants something Off The Hook doesn’t offer, or they already bought a drink poolside.  There’s no problem with them bringing the items with them into the restaurant to dine with you.  It’s all Disney owned, so they are getting their money either way.  You just can’t sit at the restaurant’s designated tables without someone from your group actually ordering something from there.

The food here is really hit or miss.  You are looking at a minimum of $18 for a basic burger.  The fish tacos I’ve tried were totally devoid of flavor and amount of fish in them has been pathetically small.  The shrimp tacos were better, but still not worth the price.  The Ahi Sandwich had a substantial, perfectly done, slab of fish.  Unfortunately, the slaw had no flavor and the sandwich was really dry. The fries are usually pretty good, but “Volcano Fries” with Sriracha and Furikake is a real winner, if they have it (it’s sometimes there, sometimes not).  It’s not really spicy, even our somewhat heat-adverse child loved it.  The Ahi Poke Nachos are awesome.

The burgers tend to be fairly large, so if no one is starving, splitting between two adults is an option.  Our child likes getting the kid’s burger.  They tend to pile on the fries here, so if one of the adults is getting something that comes with fries, we order the kid’s meal with veggies and fruit cup and add some of our fries to the kid plate.  

Alcoholic beverages, as is the case across the resort, are small, weak, and inconsistent.  You never really know what you are going to get.  For $15+ you would hope for better.  We generally stick to the beer when ordering around the resort and bring our own alcohol to the resort if we want something else.

While I haven’t exactly been complimentary towards this location, we eat here at least once pretty much every time we are at Aulani.  When we’re spending the day swimming, it’s a nice break from the pools and you don’t have to concern yourself with getting cleaned up.  Just wrap a towel around yourself and grab a table.  The food at Ulu Cafe is generally better and more reasonably priced, but we like the atmosphere here and the service is usually very good.  When there is something wrong with your meal, the servers are usually quite good at offering options to fix it.  Just don’t expect to be wowed by anything here.