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Waikolohe Pool

This is the main pool of the resort: zero-entry, 8,200 sq.ft., and topping out at roughly 4 feet in depth.  The pool winds around a peninsula, with areas of the pool having different characteristics in terms of if there are stairs or a slope, different depths, etc. 

At one end, there’s a grotto into which a water slide empties out.  The slide, called Volcanic Vertical, is a long dark tunnel, it’s dark enough that you can’t even see your hand in front of your face.  It’s a fairly fast, fun slide from which you hear a lot of screaming.  Riders may not go together.  This will likely be too scary for many younger ones.   

The stairs up to the slide are just to the side of the grotto into which the slide dumps.  Once you reach the split in the line, take the left side as the right side goes to the Tubestone Curl ride which requires an inner tube

If you swim your way out of the grotto, you may get lucky enough to find yourself under a mischievous water fall that appears every so often.  Back in the main pool, it curves around a peninsula which contains pool chairs and a family hot tub.  On the opposite side of the pool, closer to the beach, there are two adults-only hot tubs with an infinity edge and stunning ocean views.

Waikolohe Pool Slide Exit