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Poolside Dining

The poolside menu used to be same as Off The Hook, but now it’s the same menu as the Wailana Pool Bar.  You can order from the poolside menu at the bar between 10-9, but poolside service (where they come to your beach chairs) is between 11-5.  The food is really hit or miss.  The fish tacos were totally devoid of flavor and amount of fish in them has been pathetically small.  The shrimp tacos were better, but still not worth the price.  The Ahi Sandwich had a substantial, perfectly done, slab of fish.  Unfortunately, the slaw had no flavor and the sandwich was really dry. The fries are usually pretty good, but they no longer have the amazing “Volcano Fries” with Sriracha and Furikake.  The Ahi Poke Nachos and Steak & Blue Cheese Ciabatta sandwich are both awesome.

The burgers tend to be fairly large, so if no one is starving, splitting between two adults is an option.  Our child likes getting the kid’s burger.  They tend to pile on the fries here, so if one of the adults is getting something that comes with fries, we order the kid’s meal with veggies and fruit cup and add some of our fries to the kid plate.  It’s a good thing the burger is substantial because you are looking at a minimum of $23 for a basic burger (up from $18 just two years ago).  You want avocado ($4), bacon ($3), and cheese ($2) on that?  That’s a $32 burger.  That’s fine dining prices for a previously frozen patty burger.

Alcoholic beverages, as is the case across the resort, are small, weak, and inconsistent.  You never really know what you are going to get.  For $16+ you would hope for better.  We generally stick to the beer when ordering around the resort and bring our own alcohol to the resort if we want something else.