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 The ‘Ōlelo Room

Outdoor lounge featuring drinks, appetizers, and live music every night.  You could make a light dinner out of the appetizers.  There is a happy hour with decent bargains starting at opening and typically lasting for 2 hours.  Hours vary, but generally open starting around sunset, weather permitting. 

The word “Ōlelo” means “language,” and the Hawaiian language is the theme here.  Many of the staff here are fluent in Hawaiian and the bar is decorated with carvings underscored with the Hawaiian name.  The service here is usually pretty good, and the entertainment is wonderful, featuring many well-known Hawaii musicians.  Sitting in this lovely place, out under the stars, listening to music, is a highlight of our stays.

There are two seating areas, inside and outside.  The inside area is near the bar with just three small tables since most of the indoor tables have been removed for spacing.  The outside tables, consisting of 8 tables for 8 people each and three bar-height tables seating 4 people each, tend to fill up first though as that’s closer to the entertainment.

The outside area is the same place where you go to take your picture with Mickey when you attend the Makahiki Character Breakfast.  It’s a patio next to the koi pond, with a stage on one side.

The seating here consists of mostly tables for 8 people, with a few smaller tables near the bar. The area isn’t very large, so there’s perhaps around 15 tables total and they all have a decent view of the entertainment. There’s entertainment here every night.  While the pictures below show the musicians behind large glass panels, those have since been removed.

The drinks menu is basically a standard Disney bar menu, but most of the drinks have a Hawaii twist to them.  Many mixed drinks use alcohol produced in Hawaii, or mixers that are common here such as lychee, coconut, and chili-pepper.   Unfortunately, the mixed drinks here suffer from the same problem found throughout the resort, they are weak, typically very sweet, and loaded with ice.  For the price, they don’t seem worth it to me.  Every so often I’ll try again in the hopes things have changed and I’m always disappointed.  Wine and beer are the safe bets.

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