Aloha Aulani

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Hot Tubs

There are five hot tubs at Aulani.  Two of the hot tubs are limited to guests age 18 and older.  These are terraced, one looking down on the other over the infinity edge.  They both have a commanding view of the ocean, making this a fabulous spot from which to watch the sunset.  The other three hot tubs are distributed around the resort.  One each near the Waikolohe pool, the Waikolohe Stream, and Ka Maka Grotto.  There are no hot tubs near Wailana pool.

If you don’t have children with you, the adults-only hot tubs should be your first choice.  They have the best view and are typically the least crowded.  The Ka Maka grotto hot tub is beautifully themed, but is frequently so crowded as to remind you of a petri dish.  The hot tub around which the Waikolohe Stream winds is nice, but is rather out of the way.  On a cool windy day, the walk to it when you are dripping wet is not pleasant.   The last one, set into the Waikolohe pool’s peninsula, also tends to get rather crowded given its proximity to the main pool of the resort.