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While there are some rooms at Aulani that have laundry facilities (anything bigger than a hotel room or DVC studio), most do not.  For those without laundry facilities in their room, Aulani has two laundry rooms, one in each tower located near the elevator shafts.  The room contains 3 washers and 6 dryers.  There’s also a TV with remote control, an ice machine, a beverage vending machine, and vending machines for tokens, laundry soap, and fabric softeners.

Each load takes 4 tokens per machine, so you need 8 tokens to get through a full washer/dryer cycle.  A sign in the room states that a wash load takes 30 minutes and the dry cycle takes 45 minutes.  The detergent and softeners are 3 tokens each.  Tokens are purchased in the laundry room for $1 each and can only be purchased using a credit card.

If you are DVC, you can go to the front desk and they will give you free tokens.  They do not provide laundry detergent or softener.  Note that many people have reported being limited to a total of 12 free tokens a day, so if you are planning on doing a laundry day during your stay of multiple loads at once, consider stopping at the front desk daily to accumulate enough tokens in advance.