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Kid’s Club: Aunty’s Beach House

Aunty’s Beach House is the wonderful, clean, and safe kid’s club at Aulani.  It’s open from 8AM to 2PM and accepts children from ages 4 to 12.  Children must be able to go to the bathroom independently. Footwear is required.  No wet swim wear.  Keep in mind that no food is served so plan accordingly.  Children entering must be registered with Aunty’s Beach House and have a reservation for a time slot.  Most reservations are free, but there are premium experiences for a fee.  More information about that is below. 

Facilities and Activities

There once was a time when Aunty’s Beach House had a daily open house, where families could come in and see the facilities and participate in some activities. It was a way get a taste of what the Beach House had to offer, and to get kids excited about separating from their parents.  Sadly those days are gone.  Parents are expected to go on faith that the facilities are safe, and that the place has enough to interest their children.  Most pictures you see here are from open houses in the past.  Except for cast members, there should be no adults present during your child’s stay.  

From our perspective, the facilities are clean, well themed, and well staffed.  Exits are monitored at all times.  Children are issued a wrist band prior to entry (a refundable deposit is required) that is used for checking children into the facility, as well as monitoring where the children are located throughout the Beach House.  Cast members supervise all activities in all rooms and outdoor spaces.  In the past, constant hand washing was encouraged, and is still required upon entry.  

There are a lot of things for kids to do in Aunty’s Beach House.  There is an outdoor enclosed yard with themed playground equipment for kids to run around.  There are various rooms set up for different activities such as arts and crafts, video games, costume dress up, and watching Disney movies and TV shows.  Cast members will sometimes play structured games with the children (think Bingo).  Occasionally, Disney characters may stop by for a surprise visit.



Reservations seem to be required more and more on Disney properties these days, especially for things that are included in the price of admission.  It’s happening in the theme parks, and now it is happening in Aulani.  Reservations are required for children to enter Aunty’s Beach House up to 90 days in advance and can be made here.  Note the link leads to a non-Disney reservation site.  Registration is also required and must be completed prior to entry (see below).

Most of these reservations are free, but they are for specific timed slots.  It seems time slots are limited to only 30 children.  Only one reservation per child per day is allowed.  The free reservations are for 90 minute time slots, beginning at 8am, 10am, and 12pm.  Currently there is one 120 minute premium themed activity scheduled per day at 12:30pm.

The current premium activities listed are:

  • Becoming Sea Creatures:  Get acquainted with some of our fascinating ocean friends such as the octopus, crab, sea turtle, clownfish, and whale through fun activities, games, and crafts. (Tuesdays and Fridays)
  • Kakamora Chaos with Moana:  Spend a fun-filled interacting and playing traditional Hawaiian children’s games with a special guest from across the seaMoana!  Plus, Moana will teach her new friends a game from her home island of Motonuithe Kakamora Relay! (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays)
  • SURF’S UP! A Surfin’, Fishin’, Dancin’ Party!:  Shake a fin and party with some of your favorite Disney Pals with some fun-filled surfing and fishing activities—plus boogie to your favorite surfin’ tunes! Activities include: Play surfing games with a Disney Pal.  Decorate your own mini wooden surfboard.  Learn about colorful Hawaiian fish with a Disney Pal.  Dance with your Disney Pals.  (Sundays and Thursdays)

Premium activities may change over time, including the possible addition of seasonal activities.  


Children entering Aunty’s Beach House will need to be registered.  We think, if you are coming to Aulani with children between 4 and 12, and you think there is a chance they will want to have some fun in Aunty’s Beach House, you should register your children.  You can save yourself some time and do it in advance by doing a pre-registration online here.  The process is a little cumbersome as you will still need to print out some pages and bring them with you, but it will save you about 5 to 10 minutes of your time at the resort with your kids waiting impatiently.  You can do the pre-registration between 2 to 90 days before your check in date.  Here are all the pages and forms generated in the process.  You will still need to complete the registration process  at the front desk of the Beach House.  

To complete your reservation, go to Aunty’s Beach House with your children and any adults who you want to authorize to pick up your children.  If you are able to, complete the registration process prior your child’s scheduled reservation time.  Anytime after resort check in is fine.  Once you arrive at Aunty’s Beach House, you will have to go to the front desk, or a podium just outside the front door when it is busy.  They typically have signs directing you to the appropriate line based on whether you are checking your child in just to the beach house or completing your registration.  All adults will need to bring an ID, your room key, your child’s paperwork if you pre-registered, and if your child appears to be outside the required ages of 4 to 12, you may be asked for proof of your child’s age such as a passport or birth certificate.

Once you actually get to a person, you hand over your documents and your child will eventually be given a Keiki Band, which looks exactly like the basic Magic Bands they use at Walt Disney World.  They charge you $18 for each Keiki Band, but you get your money back when you return it.  The band is intended to be semi-permanent.  It is attached to your child’s wrist with a secure plastic clip to ensure it doesn’t come off on accident.  The clip can be cut off later when the Keiki Band is returned.  Most kids opt to wear it all the time.  You can choose not to get the wristband at that time, say for instance your child’s reservation isn’t until the next day.  That is fine, but you will have to get in the registration line to get it later, and there probably will be a line.  Kids with Keiki Bands already can essentially go straight in.  

To complete registration, a group picture will be taken to attach to their records, as another layer of verification. In addition, you will be asked to come up with a “secret word”, again, to add to the verification at pick up.

Aulani asks to show up 15 minutes prior to your reservation time to complete your registration.  If you were smart and completed your reservation early and your child already has his/her Keiki Band, they will probably be let right in.  Your child will go through a door, wash their hands, and be sent off to play.  

You need to show up at the end of the reservation time to pick up your child.  You are given a 15 minute grace period after the reservation is completed.  After that you will be charged a late pick up fee of $5 a minute!!!  There is only 30 minutes between reservations, so there is probably a bunch of prep work involved between sessions.  If your child decides they’ve had enough before the reservation is over, the staff will call you using the number you provided on the forms.  Keep in mind you will need to bring a photo ID when you go to pick up your child.