Serving up the classic Hawai’i treat with all the extras.  This kiosk, right in the middle of the pool complex, serves nothing but shave ice.  It’s very popular, so be prepared for long lines on hot days and wear something on your feet when you go as the ground can get really hot. 

Ordering is a 2 step process.  First you decide which version you want.

You have four versions plus one final add-on to choose from:

  • The ‘ekahi (Hawaiian for “one,” pronounced eh-kaa-hee) is your basic shave ice topped with syrup.  $4.25
  • ‘Elua (“two,” eh-loo-ah) adds on sweetened condensed milk poured on top.  $4.75
  • ‘Ekolu (“three,” eh-co-loo) is a basic shave ice plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream under the shave ice.  $5.25
  • ‘Eha (“four,” eh-haa) is all the others put together, shave ice with ice cream and sweetened condensed milk. $5.75

The next decision to make is whether or not to add Mickey ears for $1.00.   These are two little shave ice hockey-pucks stuck on each side before the syrup.  Super cute and picture-worthy, but eat them fast before they fall off. 

At this point, you pay and follow the line over to the next window where they actually make your shave ice.  When its your turn, you tell the cast member what flavors you want.  Your choices are Lychee, Guava, Watermelon, Cherry, Li-Hing Mui (sweet-sour plum), Strawberry, Orange, Liliko’i (passion fruit), Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Green Tea, Lemon-Lime, Vanilla, Grape, Root Beer, and Haupia (coconut).