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‘Ohana Disney Movie Nights

‘Ohana Disney Movie Nights

Watch a Disney film under the stars on the Hālāwai Lawn.  




Containing a selection of shirts, toys, coffee mugs, glassware, pins, and stuffed animals, this is your best bet for getting things to take home for family and friends back home.  The selection isn’t large, but most of it is Aulani themed and hard to find anywhere else.  

You may notice there are some stuffed animals you don’t see much elsewhere, such as Duffy bear, apparently Duffy is a big thing in Japan, so he features prominently here.




Upon entering, the right side of the store has your basic groceries: milk, juice, water, bread, jam, cereal, etc.  Everything is massively overpriced.  If you can, stop at Costco
(~10 minutes away) or a grocery store on the way here as this place will make you wish you had, particularly if you want alcohol.   

For those who have learned to rely on Amazon deliveries at other Disney locations, that isn’t available here, so bring your own or pay through the nose here.  DVC members get a 10% discount. 


Like most Disney resort stores, this has a cabinet or two of the random things you find you need on vacation: sunscreen, bug spray, bandaids, toothpaste, over the counter medications… 



If you have had any Disney photographers take pictures of you during your stay, here is where you go to view and purchase them.  Whether the photos were taken during a character meal or just in random spots around the resort, they can all be found here.


Photopass at Aulani works by the photographers giving you a card that you need to carry around and have them scan.  When you come here, you have to wait for one of the two monitors that allow you to view and purchase your photos.  Sometimes the photographers are in the pools and in that case, they don’t carry the scanner.  For these photos, you need to remember the rough date/time and location to tell to the cast member at the desk so they can bring it up for you to find.  It’s a very clunky process where you end up looking at a bunch of other people’s photos in order to find your own.

I don’t know if it’s still working, but if you have an annual pass to WDW that includes photopass, upload your pictures to your account using the card the photographers give you, and you can get your Aulani photos for free.  Note that this does not work with photos from character meals.  If this works for you, I recommend downloading the photos as soon as possible as this is an oversight that will likely soon be corrected.

For DVC members, there’s a sort of photo scavenger hunt.  If you take a picture with a Disney photopass photographer in 4 places around the resort, you get one free printed 4×6 photo.