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Makahiki – Character Breakfast

COVID-19 update: Makahiki is scheduled to reopen for breakfast on May 7th.

Disney has recently announced that breakfast at Makahiki will be resuming starting May 7th (reservations will begin to be accepted on April 26th).  The breakfast has changed from a buffet to a 3-course meal.  The restaurant will be open daily, but characters will only be there on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  For the month of May, the breakfast is restricted to resort guests only.  For all dining reservations,  call the resort at 808-674-6200.

 The photos below are from before the COVID-19 shutdown.  These will be updated as soon as we can go again when it reopens.

There are 3 seating areas.  The first is closest to the buffet.  It’s entirely indoors and is where most of the parades and activities happen.  It’s rather dark, but heavily themed.  It’s also rather loud in this area as it’s the most contained.  Pre-COVID, there was “Aunty” who hosted the breakfast.  She’d walk around and talk to guests, sing songs, and bring the kids up for activities.  This was the area where she did most of her show.

The second area is a covered patio.  It’s brighter as the cover allows daylight in, but it is less themed than either of the other two locations.  While still nice, this is my personal least favorite area to be seated.

The third is an outdoors area where all the tables have umbrellas.  Some tables are located next to the koi pond and some tables have a view of the Mickey Mouse meet and greet location.  This could be upsetting for young children who don’t understand why Mickey is “right there” but they can’t go see him again.  On a nice day, this is my personal favorite location to be seated, particularly if we’re next to the koi pond.  The pond could potentially be another source of stress to parents of young children as there really isn’t anything preventing them from jumping or falling in.